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Animal Spirits Header
Animal Spirits Oracle (call on your Animal Spirits and find out the energy that is at work now and what’s ahead. 10 different readings and over 50 animals).
You By Your Numbers Header
You By Your Numbers Numerology (a full numerology chart with 28 aspects, fully printable report and interpretation, add your own notes to the printable report).
Astrology Natal Reports (a natal birth chart and full interpretation, excellent, even without a birth time).
Rune Casts (19 rune sets and 12 casts. a huge collection of rune ‘toys’).
astrotitle Astrology Compatibility Reports (instantly know your compatibility with another person, check your signs).
draghdtag2 Chinese Astrology Compatibility Reports (check your Chinese astrology match, find your Chinese Astrology sign, lucky number, best jobs and equivalent Western Astrology sign).
mlheader Madam Lenormand (use playing cards to cast spreads and provide details. 6 different spreads).
ichinghdr I Ching (get your I Ching reading and interpretation).
charmcastshdr Charm Casts (use playing cards to find divine possibilities. 6 different spreads).
tarothd Tarot Readings (10 spreads available, one-click Shuffle & Read, interpretation included, printable reading).
spellcasterhdr Spellcaster (Cast spells and send them by email to your friends. Select music, graphics and colors, choose from 9 Spells, or create your own).
biorhythmhdr Biorhythms (an online biorhythm chart, includes emotional, physical, intellectual, intuitive, spiritual, aesthetic and self-awareness cycles).
ichinglovershdr I Ching Lovers Reading (an instant I Ching romance and love reading. Exciting, and powerful).