Registration and Login Guide

This PDF document covers all of the details required for first time regisration and login to the website. Hopefully I’ve also covered all ‘bad situations’ that could come up. You will find details on first time registration and logging in, and on other problems that could arise such as Cookies, or Redirect Errors, as well as resetting your password in both the Protected Area and the Blog. The document is also bookmarked so that you can find sections quickly.

You can find this document at:

There are also details on how to setup Internet Explorer (IE) to remember your usernames/passwords, but if you are really serious about this I highly recommend that you consider using RoboForm. This excellent software has remembered all of my passwords.  To get this software you can visit the link below:

If there are topics not covered, or you are having a particular problem, please use the Contact Us page to drop me a message.

Thank you,
-Brett Simpson
Site Administrator