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All signups during Grand Opening month can select a free professional Astrology, or Numerology reading* from The reading will be prepared for you and emailed to you quickly.

Please follow the steps below to select your reading, then use the form below to Contact Us and tell us which reading you would like. Wait for it to be delivered. **Please be certain that you have White Listed us properly.

  1. Look through our Catalog at to find the reading you would like (*you can choose any reading except Professional PLUS Numerology, Compatibility PLUS Numerology, or Day Watch Details for 1 Year Astrology Reading).  –>Click here to see our Catalog of All Readings…
  2. Choose the reading you would like to have, and make note of what is required for that reading (for example, date of birth, time of birth, birth name, place of birth, current living place, etc). Please be certain to spell out your date of birth like this: June 11, 1963 – notice the month is spelled out.
  3. Use the Contact Us form below to Contact Us and tell us (in the message box) which reading you would like, and the information required for the reading (date of birth, time of birth, etc).
  4. Please be sure that you have WhiteListed our mailing information at – so that your reading can be delivered properly to your email address. –>Click here to see White Listing instructions to make sure your reading can be delivered.
  5. Receive and enjoy your reading!
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