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Numerology Class 1 – Module 13

[private]Module 13 – The Numbers of Your Birth Date and Cycles of Life

It’s now time to look at your birth date and what the numbers of your birth date mean. Most of these calculations will involve forecasting information – regarding your personal cycles and how they may be influenced by the numbers in your date of birth.

With so many numbers in your birth date, it’s easy to see how we can make a lot of calculations from your birth date. Almost all of the calculations involving your birth date are related to forecast information; however there is one number which includes additional information. That number is the life path (sometimes called the birth path, birth force, or life force).

Some people tend to discount numerology claiming that the personality traits and the information contained in the name are not unique enough to identify you as an individual. If we only had the name to work from that would hold some value, however, when you include the date of birth all of this changes. Adding the date of birth and all of its nuances it’s very easy to see how it’s possible to determine millions of personalities, personal characteristics, life paths and life lessons.

Keep in mind that neither the name or birth date are accidental. Your spiritual soul chose to come to Earth, in physical form, to learn the lessons that are available to you here. The lessons you chose to learn are only available in material form. Your soul has determined the birth date and birth name for you to appear here in material form to learn your lessons. The main lesson that you need to learn is determined by your life path.

The manner in which you can learn these lessons is determined by your life path. That number alone holds so much information that we will spend 3 entire modules discussing it. Let’s briefly look at what is included in that number now.

Life Path

The sum of all of the numbers in your birth date indicates your life path. It not only gives you clues about which career or vocation you are best suited to, but it also provides you with details on your abilities and talents and how you can best achieve your life purpose. It doesn’t tell you what you must do to achieve your purpose but instead it tells you how you may best want to go about it.

The life path number itself is calculated in a specific way. You should follow the Pythagorean (created by Pythagoras) method when making this calculation. Even though there are more than six different ways to make this calculation, the Pythagorean calculation is closer to our Earthly life, and reality because it is composed of the three separate periods in our life. These three periods are indicated by using the month as the first period, the day of birth as the second period and the year of birth as the third period. By adding these three periods together you will get a calculated number (usually double-digit or triple digit) which can then be reduced to give the most accurate life path number. We will cover more of this in the upcoming modules.

To better understand the life path, it is essential to understand the three life period calculations, and how they are used to determine your pinnacles and challenges, and your life period calculation.


The pinnacles are one of the best ways to use numerology as a way to prophecy what may happen, based on a number (symbol) of a cycle that will occur in everyone’s lives. It is an excellent way to prepare for what may lie ahead, and to take a broader view of these cycles from an early age is one of the most fascinating studies of numerology.

One must take a larger view look at the cycles and narrow down the numbers at each step. There’s one very good reason for this. There are about 30 different cycle numbers which can be calculated for a given period of time. If you start out trying to learn all of them you will not only become overloaded with information, but you will have a hard time understanding how you could possibly have so many numbers influencing you at any one time. As you progress through this course, and more advanced material you will be thrilled to know there is so much information available to you when making cycle calculations.

We will start with one of the larger cycles in your life, the pinnacles. The pinnacles run for 9 year cycles, however they do not start until a later age (from 27 to 35 years of age). The pinnacles are like a road map for you to follow during the four main life periods that you will experience in your life. They will give you a very good idea of the overall thought pattern, and the effort that you may need to put in during a period of years to achieve the life purpose as indicated by the life path number. They are the one single greatest modifiers of the energy of the life path number during four cycles in your life.

These numbers hold a wealth of information for you. They are like signposts pointing the way for how you may best go about achieving your true potential. If you follow them accordingly you will most likely find true success and your highest achievement, but, if you fail to consider them you may be going against the true way that you were meant to follow and achieve what your life path indicates for you, so pay special heed to these numbers.

You will not escape their experience that is for sure. They are set out in 9 year cycles. Why 9 years? Because, as a growing baby requires 9 months in the womb to grow to full birth, the cycle of 9 is best for indicating a full cycle, or a cycle of fulfillment. The personal year also runs on a 9 year cycle, and you will see that throughout the cycles section we will frequently be discussing cycles of 9. Remember that the number 9 is symbolic of love and service to others: humanitarian kindness, and this will influence the cycle itself, so learning and applying the lessons that are offered in these cycles of 9 is invaluable.

Each pinnacles is accompanied by a challenge, or lesson that will hold an affect over you throughout the entire time of the pinnacle. Learn to overcome the powerful lessons presented by the challenges, and you will go far toward achieving excellence in the pinnacle cycle.

There are 4 total pinnacles/challenges in every lifetime. The first represents the springtime of life. It is personal and influential to the subject in every way, even to those who are near the subject in the immediate family, or to those who are very close friends. The second pinnacle represents the summer of life and is the main cycle of family, responsibility and of achievement. The third pinnacle represents the autumn of life and influences the middle age years. The fourth and final pinnacle of every life represents the winter of life and deals with old age and the spiritual outlook that accompanies this phase of life.

Pinnacle Calculations

There will be much more detail spent on the pinnacles/challenges in later modules, but for now let’s focus on the calculations, just so we can get an idea of each period and how it is calculated. The calculations appear below.

1st Pinnacle – sum of the month of birth and the day of birth
2nd Pinnacle – sum of the day of birth and the year of birth
3rd Pinnacle – sum of the first two Pinnacles
4th Pinnacle – sum of the digits of the month of birth and the year of birth

The pinnacles start from a beginning age (36 which represents 4 periods of 9 years, minus the single digit life path). So, for example with my own life path of 1, my first pinnacle ran from the age of birth to 35 years (36 – 1). To calculate the length of the remaining pinnacles simply add 9 years. My second pinnacle ran from 35 years to 44 years of age. My third pinnacle from 44 to 53 years of age and my final and last pinnacle will run from 53 years of age until I pass from this Earth.

Now, keeping in mind the cycles above, there is an additional ‘lifelong cycle’ which runs for 3 distinct periods in a person’s life. Those periods are also calculated using similar calculations as described above. With the calculations of the ‘life cycle’ and the pinnacles using these calculations, it’s easy to see that when calculating the life path the best way to assure there is an alignment of energy between the three (life path, pinnacle/challenge, and life cycle) is to use a similar calculation, or at least to use a calculation that makes use of the cycle periods in the same way that these other calculations do.

Life Cycles

The best way to achieve this then is to calculate the life path similarly and to calculate it by determining the 3 main cycle numbers first, and then to add those 3 cycles together to get the full life path. That is exactly what I suggest, and having studied this extensively I have even written an entire book on this one calculation. So, our main numerological calculation for the life path is accomplished by first determining the 3 cycle numbers (month of birth, day of birth and year of birth) and then adding those 3 cycles together to get the full life path number.

When this is done, the number may be different than when it is calculated another way. But, if you continue to calculate the life path in other ways you will quickly see that it may be possible to come up with 3 or more double-digit life path numbers which all calculate down to the same 1 digit life path. But, bearing in mind that the double-digit number behind the single-digit number is of utmost importance in this situation, it’s easy to see that this is the best method to use to calculate the life path.

Life Path / Cycle Calculation Example

Here is a brief example, if Sally Johnson was born on November 29, 1954. The 3 cycles in her life would be as follows. Cycle 1 (birth month) = 11/2. Cycle 2 = 29/11/2, and Cycle 3 = 19/10/1. Now that we have the 3 cycle numbers, this is where the calculation method becomes most important.

What we do at this point, is write down our cycles (keeping the master numbers 11 and 22 if there are any, and then adding those ‘reduced numbers’ to get our final life path).

Using our example above, we would make the calculations as follows:
Sally Johnson, born 11/29/1954.  Cycle 1 = 11 (not reduced as it is a master number), Cycle 2 = 11 (not reduced again, as this is also a master number),Cycle 3 = 1 (reduced from 19 to 10, and then from 10 to 1 as none of these are master numbers). Writing down the 3 cycle numbers you would have a life path calculation that is 11 + 11 + 1 = 23/5.

The single-digit life path is 5, however the double-digit life path holds just as much information and it is 23. This life path should be written as 23/5. That way you will know that the single digit reduction of the 23 equals a single digit life path of 5. We will spend several additional modules discussing the life path,  pinnacles  and challenges and how to interpret them properly in later modules. For now, just remember that the double-digit life path is important, and that the reason it is important is because the cycle calculations behind it (the 3 cycles) are made in the exact same way that they are made when the pinnacles/challenges are calculated. In other words we are maintaining a correspondence or similarity in our calculations throughout the chart, and this will result in a more accurate chart in the end.[/private]