Astrology Class Basic – Syllabus – Course Outline

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Below you will find the course list for the Basic Astrology Class.

*Note: keep in mind that as a member of you will receive access to 1 Class at a time, and 1 module per week (starting from Module 1), every week that you remain a member. So, for example after you first sign up you can access Module 1. One week later you will be able to access Module 2, etc, etc, until you have completed all of the modules. If you chose Astrology as your starting class, then you will only have access to the Astrology modules, until you complete the Astrology Class – after that you can can contact us and let us know which class you would like to start next, and then start another class.

Astrology Class Basic

Module 1 – The History of Astrology
Module 2 – The Planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury)
Module 3 – The Planets (Earth, Mars, Venus)
Module 4 – The Planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus)
Module 5 – The Planets (Pluto, Neptune, 12th Planet)
Module 6 – The Signs (Leo, Cancer, Gemini)
Module 7 – The Signs (Taurus, Aries, Pisces)
Module 8 – The Signs (Aquarius, Capricorn, Sagittarius)
Module 9 – The Signs (Scorpio, Libra, Virgo)
Module 10 – Sign Nuances: Elements, Polarities, Quadriplicities
Module 11 – The Houses (1st House, 2nd House, 3rd House)
Module 12 – The Houses (4th House, 5th House, 6th House)
Module 13 – The Houses (7th House, 8th House, 9th House)
Module 14 – The Houses (10th House, 11th House, 12th House)
Module 15 – The Ascendant, MH, IC and Descendant and Their Importance In A Chart
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