Personal Reflection Affirmations – Set #2 (set of 10)

Dec 15th, 2009 | By | Category: Affirmations

These exercises include affirmations and positive self-reflection. Right-Click (and choose Save As) on the pages below to save/view and print them.

affirmation-personal-reflection1 Personal Reflection #1:

After deciding what action to take, I act immediately.(affirmations based on an action plan, confidence, obstacles and doubt).

affirmation-personal-reflection2 Personal Reflection #2:

Doing less produces more.
(more time for family, self-reflection and relaxation, balance my time, quality time, creating a schedule)

affirmation-personal-reflection3 Personal Reflection #3:

I am able to speak my thoughts with kind words.
(open doors of communication, value my thoughts, willing to take the first step)

affirmation-personal-reflection1 Personal Reflection #4:

I am able committed to my relationship and I am learning to nurture it.
(I make my relationship a priority. I set aside time just for us. Focus on my partner)

affirmation-personal-reflection2 Personal Reflection #5:

I balance my evening with rest and relaxation so each morning I may rejoice in rejuvenation.
(Alive and revived. It is a good day. I feel my bodys tension loosen.)

affirmation-personal-reflection3 Personal Reflection #6:

I care about my life and my lifes work.
(I know my life is valuable. The value of my life is immeasurable.)

affirmation-personal-reflection1 Personal Reflection #7:

I create a daily schedule for my tasks.
(I warm up on some easy tasks first, I am reaslistic with my scheduling. I plan some downtime)

affirmation-personal-reflection2 Personal Reflection #8:

I have an outlet to relieve my stress.
(I know my own mind and body and I maintain balance in my life)

affirmation-personal-reflection3 Personal Reflection #9:

I see the best in others and appreciate them for it.
(people will live up to whatever they believe to be true, there are no bad traits. I am a work in progress)

affirmation-personal-reflection1 Personal Reflection #10:

My words and actions affect others positively.
(my vocabulary is free from negative or harsh words)


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