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Carl Jung in later years

Finding and understanding synchronicity with divination readings is perhaps one of the more difficult tasks, but one which is well worth the effort. First lets talk briefly about synchronicity. The term was coined by Carl Jung the famous Psychologist and student of Sigmund Freud. In an attempt to understand the unexplained, Jung made up this term to describe two meaningful events which occur without any explanation as when any inner-perceived event (dream, vision, premonition) has, or seems to have a corresponding external reality. I like to include a divinatory symbolic meaning as an inner-perceived event.

What this does is facilitate an easier, though still pure method for finding synchronicity meanings in divination readings of all types (tarot, rune, i ching, or any other variety). I also believe that whether the reading is done by yourself, and for yourself, or by another person (or reader) makes no difference. In fact, it may even provide greater evidence for a connection to the events through some magical power of our universe which somehow collapses time and allows these two unrelated events to share one archetypal meaning, which can only be understood by the person requesting the information.

That’s a lot of words there, let me further explain what I feel is going on. The synchronicity of the two events may be occurring because there is some underlying emotional expression within you that requires you to see or feel this symbol/event, or action at this time in your life. The all-knowing universe which is functioning outside of our own constructs of time allows these two similar events to occur with a symbolic meaning in your life. Why? Because it helps you to understand something that you may never have been able to understand without the symbolic meaning that connects these two events!


Dreaming the universe into place...

Wow, is that heavy or what? In reality, when you create a divination reading, you are tapping into the other-dimensional aspects of consciousness which are able to symbolically bring together two very different, but similar events to remind you that ‘yes-it’s possible’. To let you in on the secret that our entire universe is really a dream, dreaming itself into existence.

Now back to our article… Remember that the readings become important when you can recognize aspects of possible future events in the reading itself. These possible future events will appear symbolically in the reading, and very rarely may even appear in concrete form – as exact events, numbers, or things which occur near the event which holds a special meaning for you.

When you realize the power of these events, I think you can see how important it is to start journaling, and noting your reactions and the outcomes of the readings that you do for yourself, and for others. Everything can take on an ‘other-worldly’ symbolic meaning when it is placed in the context of a past reading. But it is those objects, people, events, or aspects of them that occur and re-occur in your readings, divinations, dreams and visions which hold the greatest power and possibility for you.

To find those events, you’ll have to start taking note of what happens in your dreams, and readings, for example: how the tarot cards are positioned specifically. You also want to take note of cards which may fall out of the deck while you are shuffling (or how you are feeling if you are preparing your reading online with the Tarot Readings). If you are doing a runes reading, try to note which runes turn themselves over when cast (or watch for differences in color/size of runes that appear on your computer screen if you are doing a reading using the Rune Cast). You can see that watching even these subtle clues for meaning can provide you with the most powerful methods for understanding and making use of the symbols.

How can you be sure that an events or person, an object, or place is a synchronicity? Watch for it to occur and re-occur throughout your divinations. If it’s a dream look for the dream that has a ‘glow’ to it, or otherworldly sense, or look for a dream that you wake up from asking ‘who is that person?’, or ‘what does that mean?’. These are the times that you can be most certain that a synchronicity has made itself known to you. The next step is to wait for the future event to occur, the person to appear in your life, or the object, or place to come into view. Sometimes having the patience to wait for the outcome is the hardest part, but one that is well worth it!

On a personal note, I’ve experienced synchronicities of this type throughout my life. I’ve seen almost all of them have outcomes, there’s still a few that I’m waiting for, I know that they have got to be coming soon, as they were such clear visions in dreams that I’ve had. I hope that you too keep watch of the synchronicities in your own life and soon you will find that they may be predicting outcomes for you in the future. Look for a followup article where we will talk about whether this means that events in our lives are predestined (pre-determined) to happen.

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  1. Hi,friends

    It is an important part of our life this Synchronicity… for me it also happend in my life and now I know very well that nothing appears “by chance” or “by accident,all happens because this synchronicity.We nust be very attentive ti all arround us,to all that happen in our life.

    Peace and Light,
    friendly yours

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