Astrology – Class 1 – Module 9

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Module 9 – The Signs (Scorpio, Libra, Virgo)

We must now continue our studies by looking at more signs of the zodiac and what they represent. Remember that we are discussing the signs starting with Leo (Sun the number 1), and moving clockwise around the wheel to Virgo (12th Planet, number 12).

Scorpio October 24th through November 22nd (Numerology: Number 10)
Planet: Pluto Element: Water Quality: Fixed  Crystal: Smoky Quartz
Symbol: Scorpion (imaginative, penetrating, intense, enigmatic)
Qualities: Loyal, probing, healing, deep, subtle, fearless, masterful leader, passionate.
Negative: Secretive, controlling, jealous, compulsive, vindictive, suspicious, resentful, secretive.

We finally come to Scorpio, considered to be one of the most complex and different of all of the zodiac signs. They are extremely intense, and are impulsive. They go about living life with a deep passion that is beyond what most others could ever get to. It may put some people off, right away, and others may be charmed by their behavior. Sometimes they may be considered strange, but their deep, and penetrating emotions require that they connect with others. Unfortunately they are not always able to do that, and that is when problems can arise.

Their need for deep feelings and ties to people and things require that they maintain an intense passion and that they also maintain some type of personal control, which is not always easy to do. They usually have a personal magnetic charm about them. Their intense, and penetrating eyes usually pierce deeply into anyone they look at. Their behavior is made even more different by their wishes to hold back on giving up any personal information about themselves. Even though they have the ability to feel things at levels that others can never get to, they can still closely identify with others and they have a tendency to be hurt easily.

They may go back and forth between being passionate and intensely attached to their objects of their desire and feeling afraid at opening themselves up. This makes it very difficult for others to get close to them at all. There is also a very intuitive sense about them, and they may even be psychic.

Because of their intense nature they may have only one fear: the fear of losing control. They enjoy their ability to control, and they cannot bear to think of how it would feel to lose that. They will hold to their ideals at all costs, as long as they do not lose control. This may even cause them to impose their will on others and to even become obsessed with their power when it comes to sex and authority. If they feel threatened in any way they may become jealous, possessive and sometimes even suspicious of those around them.

Their strongest traits are both positive, and negative. They have an unmovable spirit as well as a fierce determination and pride of will. They will persevere over all others, if they are left to their own. They can sometimes wait years to finally achieve what they have worked for, for so long. Their compassion lends them to work with others as psychologists, or doctors. Imagination is their strongest trait, and their powerful insights and ability to understand at the deepest levels make them the force for change in others lives, more often than not.

Libra September 23rd through October 23rd (Numerology: Number 11)
Neptune Element: Air Quality: Cardinal  Crystal: Opal
Symbol: Scales (idealistic, charming, perfectionists, cooperative)
Qualities: Transformative, competitive, leader and partner, diplomatic, aesthetic, relationship-oriented, sociable, romantic.
Negative: Indolent, indecisive, insincere, dishonest when emotions are concerned, overly sensitive.

You would think that with the scales, and justice being the symbol for Libra that they would always be fair and decisive. But, quite the contrary, they may find that their desire to please others, and to be true to themselves at the same time keep them off-guard and sometimes unable to make decisions. They may even hesitate, or make their decisions slowly, but their inner resolve to solve the problem and come to a decision always shines through.

They spend a lot of time in their own head. Their thoughts and thinking are usually tied to their view of harmony, and especially to relationships with others. They love relationships, and they love thinking about and talking about them. Others may find that the Libran is sometimes so much in their own head that they cannot get to the emotional aspects that really matter. They truly want to have the perfect world and they will use their style, creativity and try to create harmony wherever they go. Part of their view of the perfect world is an idealized Xanadu that can never be realized, unfortunately they may be seeing the world through their own colored glasses. They may become disillusioned and depressed if they cannot see that it is impossible to achieve the perfect world that they seek.

Partnerships and working with others are so important to the Libran that they will go far to promote and recognize others, even before themselves. The key for them is to combine this sense of partnering with their own strong leadership skills and to try to lead others at the same time that they are partnering with them.  This excessive reliance on partnering may become too much for them, if they sacrifice too much for others at their own expense.

Known for their desire to have peaceful surroundings, they will never provoke, or argue with others. In fact, they are so prone to even consider it that they may let this get in the way of everything else around them, even their love of relationships, and their desire to be in one, may be destroyed because they may end up telling little white lies if it means that they will keep the peace. Of course, to others these lies are dishonest and inappropriate, but to the Libran they are merely keeping the peace as best they know how. Anger, jealousy, disagreement  and hatred of others are a few emotions that they have a hard time expressing.

Their abilities to act as a mediator for others, even those who are opposites truly make the Libran a charming person to be around. With all of their foibles they still stay true to their number one desire: relationships and all things related to them. They are the true matchmakers of the world, and they may even find that they work best in any field that lets them play up to the demanding requirements of making sure that others get along well together.

Virgo August 24th through September 22nd (Numerology: Number 12)
Planet: 12th Planet Element: Earth Quality: Mutable  Crystal: Topaz
Symbol: Virgin (methodical, industrious, efficient, studious, hardworking)
Qualities: Health focused, analytical, modest, conscientious, results oriented, productive, discreet.
Negative: Overly critical, worried, nervous, narrow-minded, lack of feelings, material.

The final sign of the 12 as we move around the zodiac is Virgo. They are the only female sign of the zodiac and the sign itself is indicated by a symbol of fertility itself. They function out of a sense of order and perfection. This sometimes means that they may be extremely critical, of others, and of themselves. There is a very strong need to make things more efficient, and they go to any ends to do that. They can process volumes of information, way beyond what others are capable of, and this makes them extraordinary at organizing and establishing schedules, accounting practices, or anything related to the business world. When this is combined with their hypochondriac and love of all things healthy, a business in the world of fitness or nutrition is in order.

They may be considered opposite of the Libran. The Virgo is so realistic that they rarely consider anything at all that is not based on solid facts, and verifiable results. There is a tendency to over-worry about anything. This is a result of their minds being constantly in motion, either thinking about, or trying to organize any new piece of information on any subject that they can find. They are known for their pack-rat nature and desire to learn at any cost, but they also may be so clean that they cannot bear to have the extra things around them that they truly wish for.

Unfortunately the standards they set for themselves may be beyond their own reach. They may seem cold and calculating, but underneath it all they are sensitive, caring and they desire to be with others. They can see things with a discriminating mind and from all angles. They are known best for their ability to get the bigger picture from the tiniest of details. As long as they do not get too bogged down in the details, or become too overly-critical of their own romantic interests then they will succeed and others will respect them. But, this is a delicate balance to keep for the Virgo.

True to their ability to communicate with others, and to work with them together (numerologically number 12), they have a huge weight on their shoulders that they often take great pride in.  It is up to them to find the solutions that others are blamed for (wrongly sometimes), and so the Virgo sometimes has a hard time reconciling their blame with how things turn out in the end. They also love to put teaching others on their list of proud and meaningful positions. There is an inner wish for them to be reclusive and alone, even though they do enjoy communicating with others. They must learn to bring this issue to a solution, and they must learn to make the best of their abilities: serving others when it is required, and teaching them in others.

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