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Jul 18th, 2009 | By | Category: Numerology

clockfaceHave you ever wondered why you wake up in the middle of the night and look at the clock and it’s 11:11, or why you see the number 3 everywhere? It’s about time for an answer! Hopefully this article will enlighten you about numbers, symbols and your subconscious.

Your subconscious makes you aware of lessons to be learned and things to work on all of the time. The problem is, our minds too often filter out those little clues before we’re ever aware of them. It’s easier for your subconscious mind to send you a clue through a symbol. Just look all that can be learned from dreams.

Why would your own mind try to trick you and how can you recognize these subtle symbolic messages? You might see a flash from the corner of your eye, a new way of doing things, or an insight into a past relationship. Your subconscious just feels that it’s not quite time for you to see it, and so instead it hides it. Even though it hides the actual meaning, it will still show you (through symbols, and numbers) glimpses of its messages and signs. Think of these as teasers that are meant to awaken you, slowly, to the messages that the universe is sending you, through your subconscious.

So, instead of being shown how you can become more interesting and charming to those around you, you may see 3’s everywhere. Instead of hearing about conflicts between your work and family you see the number 24, or 224. Each number has a powerful meaning. If you can interpret the numbers even the larger 3 or 4 digit numbers, there is a lot to learn here. Numbers are one way that your subconscious sends you messages.

Here’s an example… When I moved to the east coast with a loved one, something interesting happened. While I was on the way back home to pick up more things, every time I looked at a mile number2whitemarker I saw 222. Can you imagine! We crossed 3 states, and in 2 out of the three I happened to look up and notice only mile marker 222! As you know, there is only one mile marker 222 on each highway across any state in the USA and I happened to see 2 of them in 2 different states. What’s up with all of those 2’s?

Two (2) is the number of partnership, of working with others, and of understanding your emotional sensitivities. It is a number that asks you to become more aware of the feelings of others. 2 is also a feminine number. The number 2 was telling me to pay more attention to the feelings of those close to me – especially females. To feel more than think, and to listen deeply to what others are saying. I had not been spending enough time listening to my loved one, and instead was letting some issues go by without addressing them properly. My subconscious was giving me clues, and this time I saw them, and I listened.

If you listen to the clues of the numbers and put them into practice you too will see that your subconscious is much smarter than your day-to-day reasoning mind and that there are many lessons to be learned, if you just stay patient, and watch for the symbols.

Number clues may continue to pop up until you recognize them and deal with the issue that the number represents. If not, then perhaps something more tangible may happen. You might be put in a situation or at a certain place just to work on the issues of that number. Your subconscious really wants you to grow and succeed, but as you see, it doesn’t always know the best way to get it’s point across. The result are symbols, signs, numbers, dreams, and similar ‘awakened’ moments that can provide you with powerful lessons.

You first need to be aware of your own personal numbers. For instance, the number 3 is a karmic number for me – it’s missing in my name. My main karmic lesson is learning to express myself better and to accept working with others in small groups. If I avoided working on some of those issues I would be seeing 3’s everywhere! So I always tend to pay special attention to 3’s, but for you it might be the number 5, or 8, depending on the missing, or karmic numbers in your numerology chart.

Here is a list of some common numbers and meanings. Learn more about them in our numerology classes:
1 – Loneliness, isolation, power, ego, originality, male feelings, agression
2 – Partnerships, emotional sensitivity, receptiveness, female feelings, beauty, friendship
3 – Trinity, marriage, charm, outgoingness, self-expression, desire, communication, luxury
4 – Responsibility, patience, grounded, stability, security, sameness, dependability
5 – Change, charm, travel, newness, impulsive, spontaneous, restlessness, curious, argumentative, addictions
6 – Love, opinion, family and tradition, home life, stubbornness, artist abilities or talents
7 – Spirituality, church-going, analytical, intuition, interest in religions, occult and other spiritual fields, creativity
8 – Material desires, teaching, learning, money and things related, higher education, banking, government, military
9 – Humanitarian kindness, imagination, dramatic, moodiness, indecision, depression, healing others, higher ideals
10 – Inventiveness, power grabbing, egotist, intuition and leadership, wisdom, knowledge, vitality
11 – Idealism, creative, nervous energy, emotional, intense, partnering with others, leadership
12 – Productivity, self-expression, caring, warmth, ambition, drive to succeed by working with others
13 – Insecurity, spiritual security through growth, practicality, opportunity, drama
14 – Wisdom, highly intellectual, insecure, change as a way of growth, opportunity that is fresh and new
15 – Sensuality, compassion for others, romance through charm, sensuality, motivation
16 – Introspection, religious meaning, analytical, intellectual, spiritual love
17 – Stubborn, stimulation, karma, willpower, egotistic, isolated, hermit
18 – Leadership, humor, kindess, caring, communication, martyr, discriminating, thoughtful, desire to teach

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