Numerology Class 1 – Module 5

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Module 5 – The numbers 0, 10

We are close to wrapping up our discussion of the numbers. But we need to finish with three very special numbers. In fact many numerologists do not include two of these numbers in their practice. But, we need to look at every number in detail so that we have a complete and full understanding of the numerological number system.

Remember from our previous lessons that we have the series of numbers representing the life cycle of man and the entire spectrum of human experiences with these numbers:

1. represents creation and self
2. represents gestation and of union with others
3. represents self-expression
4. represents self-discipline
5. represents recreation and change
6. represents social awareness
7. represents spiritual awareness, and intellectual development (creativity)
8. represents material accomplishment
9. represents selflessness and humanitarian kindness

We must now add to that sequence to include the additional numbers that we will need to intrepet numerology charts. In this lesson we will be adding the following numbers to the cycle of man listed above:

0. represents the Godforce, the all and nothing of humankind (the entire universe).
10. represents the unity of humankind
11. represents the revelation of humankind

The master numbers 11, and 22 were often thought of as impractical idealism (11) and practical idealism (22). Perhaps the most sacred, and holy, of all numbers is the number 0.  It must hold a special place in our discussion because from this number all other numbers flowed (1 through 9). It represents the spiral (of infinity) folded over on itself. It has been used throughout history to indicate the holiness of others, when drawn over the heads of God-realized individuals such as Saints.

The Zero (0).
Zero (0) can be though of as a two dimensional spiral of divine force representing both female and male qualities. It is represented by the Moon and vibrationally by eternity and the sound of the OM. From this sound (or vibration) all other numbers came.  Inside of the circle (representing our universe) you can think of all other things existing. If you think of this circle as enclosing all physical space in the universe you will soon see that it contains all of the other elements of the universe inside of it (earth, water, fire, air, and the ether itself). Since the circle is not fixed, but can change size and grow or shrink at will – there is a magic force and power in this number which does not exist in any other numbers. Of all the numbers, the number zero comes closes to the vibration of God, and though it is from and of this God, it does not define God and so must be thought of as the spiritual essence of God. Perhaps this is what the ancient Chinese people thought of when they drew the Yin/Yang symbol contained inside of a circle. The great male/female design is powerful by itself (see the number two), but here the zero is even greater enclosing and completing the male/female itself in its spiritual essence.

Positive traits of 0 intuitive, instinctual, thoughtful, caring, smart, intelligent, inner-seeking.

Negative traits of 0 overly-outgoing, boisterous, loud, know it all, unkind, not caring, does not think before acting.

Other Corresponding Traits
Numbers: 0
Letters: none, though some of the properties are contained in all letters.
Color: White, Silver, Gold
Crystals: Diamond
Herbs & Plants: Lotus, Rose, Lilly
Musical Note: Entire scale
Planet: Moon*, (Moon in the next dimension)
Months: none
Birthdays: none
Symbols: Spiral, Circle
Combinations with other numbers: 0 is the initiation of all other numbers, and can overpower any relationship.  When combined with 1’s they work together fairly well. With 2’s and 3’s they must be the leader, but they can acquiesce.  With 3’s they get along only in public.  With 4’s there there is an acceptance by both. They do not care for 5’s. With 6’s it’s a perfect match.  With 7’s too much time is spent in self-reflection. With 8’s there may be power struggles, and with 9 everything is beautiful when humanitarian issues are at the forefront. 0 gets along best with 6.

*note this is different from what other numerologists may indicate.   An in-depth study of the symbolism of the planets, numbers, tarot and other aspects have proven to me that the correct planetary order is: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Earth, Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Pluto, Neptune, 12th Planet. As the system cycles back through itself, one can think of the number zero (0) as being the beginning to the next dimension. The reflection of the Moon from the Sun is the zero (0), as well as those planets in the next dimension.

The Ten (10).
Ten is the unity of humankind, joining us all together.  It is both masculine and feminine with a slightly stronger masculine property. It represents the combination of the strength of the male and the emotional energy and change of the female. When they are combined the trait is inventiveness and invention driven by the male energy, yet wild and untamed and able to accept creative and spontaneous action symbolic of the female. This is a powerful combination that is not normally interpreted numerologically. It holds an important place, and it should not be considered as merely the two numbers that lead to it’s numerological result (for example 28, 2+8=10, or 19, 1+9=10, etc). Strong leadership tempered by desire to please and accommodate others leads to an overpowering combination that can create a strong leader as long as the zero (0) vibration is included.  Timid aggression, eccentricity, drive and a combination of self-drive and fear of loneliness create a unique and intense personality. Penetrating and yet accepting are the main traits.

Positive traits of 10 intense, unwilling leader, courageous, self-driven, aggressive, pioneering, unique, powerful, masculine.

Negative traits of 10 egocentric, eccentric, bossy, impulsive, tyrannical, overpowering, stubborn.

Other Corresponding Traits
Numbers: 10, 19, 28, 37, 46, 55, 64, 73, 82, 91, 100
Letters: J
Color: Red, Orange
Crystals: Garnet, Iron Ore, Moonstone
Herbs & Plants: Iris, Ivy
Musical Note: C (one octave above Middle C)
Planet: Puto
Months: September
Birthdays: 10, 19, 28
Symbols: Cross (Equilateral), Sanskrit Solar Symbol
Combinations with other numbers: 10 is a powerful force in relationships.  When combined with other 1’s there is too much aggression and it doesn’t work out. With 2’s and 3’s they must be the leader, they get along better with 2’s.  With 4’s there are headstrong issues. They get along ok with 5’s, and better with 6’s.  With 7’s there are misunderstandings.  With 8’s a too much power, and with 9 all is well and fine. 10 gets along best with 2 and 9.

How Are Zero and Ten Different?

It may not be evident at first, but numerologically the 9 single digits are considered to be the root vibration of all other numbers (since all other numbers can be made up of digits 1-9, but only if we add in the zero). When it comes to numerological calculations many times you will find that the zero is nowhere to be found. Keep in mind that this does not mean that it is not part of the calculation, many times reduced numbers will end up throwing out the zero even when it has a significant meaning, for example 10, 20, 30, etc.

Even when we end up without the zero in any numerological calculation write it down anyway, and keep it in mind when interpreting the meaning of the original number. In the case of double digit numbers (10, 20, 30, etc), the zero adds a bit of mystery, pure Godforce (spirituality) and an intuitive nature to the other numbers in the calculation. As long as you remember that you will be making a better calculation and a more accurate interpretation will be achieved. Never leave out the zero as it holds way to much importance for that.  I hope that this short study of the zero (0) and the ten (10) has shown you how much influence the zero can have throughout numerology.
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