Astrology Class 1 – Module 6

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Module 6 – The Signs (Leo, Cancer, Gemini)

We must now continue our studies by looking at the signs of the zodiac and what they represent. First, remember that the zodiac is an imaginary band that extends around our globe and that the 12 signs create different aspects (subtle modifiers) or effects depending on which planet, or astrological aspect is in that sign. With that in mind we can continue our studies by looking at each individual sign of the zodiac and discussing its qualities, element, cardinality, crystal, and positive and negative traits associated with that sign.

Before we begin looking at the signs we must first discuss the Elements, there are four in astrological terms: Fire, Earth, Air and Water, representing: inspirational spirit and primal energy: Fire. The senses and our nurturing abilities: Earth. Ideas, perceptions, thoughts and the intellect: Air. And the emotions, feelings and intuitive experience: Water. The Qualities include three and they are sometimes termed the triplicities. They include Cardinal: the balancers of ambition and controlling aspects, Fixed: think of these as the determined, stable and consistent signs, the ones that like to stay true to themselves, Mutable: the adaptable and flexible signs, they are usually interested in ideas and knowledge and their behavior is changeable.

Here is a brief summary of the Elements and Qualities and their numerological equivalents:

Elements (in Numerological Order)
Fire (inspiration)                   Numerology – number 1, 5, 9
Water (emotions, feelings)    Numerology – number 2, 6, 10
Air (intellect)                        Numerology – number 3, 7, 11
Earth (nurturing, stability)      Numerology – number 4, 8, 12

Qualities (and their Numerological Equivalents)
Cardinal  (balance, nurture)   Numerology – number 2, 5, 8, 11
Fixed  (stable, determined)   Numerology – number 1, 4, 7, 10
Mutable (adaptable, changing) Numerology – number 3, 6, 9, 12

While most discussion of signs start with Aries and continue counter-clockwise around the zodiacal wheel, the astrological signs make more sense when they are counted numerologically beginning with Leo (Sun the number 1), and moving clockwise around the wheel to Virgo (12th Planet, number 12).

Leo – July 23rd through August 23rd (Numerology: Number 1)
Sun Element: Fire Quality: Fixed  Crystal: Amber
Symbol: Lion (Strength, dignity, courageous and power-seeking)
Qualities: Independent, original, self-assured, generous, pioneering, dramatic, exciting, childlike, magnetic.
Negative: Arrogant, intolerant, lazy, egotistical.

Perhaps one of the most colorful of all of the zodiac signs, Leos typically have strong leadership traits, dignity and are like the Lions that symbolize them, full of pride, power and usually acting by their instincts. They are somewhat idealistic, but not as much so as Libra. They are usually known for their leadership and originality and for their desire to find true self-worth and potential from their own inner vision.

They usually come very close to representing the symbol (lion) of Leo perfectly: prideful, courageous and quite dignified and noble. As a fire sign they are usually seeking new things and trying to find fulfillment in what may come in the future. They are highly original and they do not like to let the basic realities of living intrude into their extraordinary lives. The more original and dramatic they can be the better.

By nature they are usually romantic and they like to show the way they feel, even if there are others around. They strive to develop their own ideals and to help others see them for the perfect and clear thinking people that they are. There are rarely any limits to what they will go to when trying to express love. Their generosity, kindness, popularity and thoughtful nature make them irresistible, especially to others of the opposite sex. But, if that is not good enough, watch out. You do not want to spite a Leo in love, ever. Remember that they are the true representation of Fire (with a fixed cardinality: meaning that they are intense, flame-like and impossible to cool when hot).

Cancer – June 22nd through July 22nd (Numerology: Number 2)
Moon Element: Water Quality: Cardinal Crystal: Moonstone, Pearl  Symbol: Crab (a hard exterior protects the emotionally vulnerable Cancer)
Qualities: Nurturing, protective, capable, giving, caring, sensitive, fearful, kind, intuitive.
Negative: Dependent, clingy, possessive, over-sensitive and emotionally insecure.

They are one of the more vulnerable signs. Very protective of others, and sometimes fearful for themselves, their symbol, the crab, represents the tough exterior that they show to others, when they are really sensitive and emotional (on the inside). Emotions are their main environment and they can usually get a good feel for things and act on it emotionally, before others even have a clue as to what is going on. Their main strength and stability comes from their family and where the place that they were born in. Others would do best to find some sense of compassion and caring for the emotional vulnerability of the Cancerian.

Their sense of drive comes from how they feel, inside, and they rarely think about things with their intellect for too long. What they desire most is a safe home, and place to call their own, as long as the environment and the location is of their own choosing. Over-sensitivity and absorbing the feelings of others that are close-by can make a nervous wreck of the Cancer. They desire most to find the perfect ‘other’ to be partnered with, and they strive to protect, and care for the other person more than they do for their own selves sometimes. Beware of the insecurity that may arise from this unhealthy attitude. Remember that because they are ruled by the mercurial Moon, they often flow back and forth in their feelings and moods toward others.

Relationships and all that they entail are the main requirement of this water sign. Because the sign is cardinal, they have no problem in adjusting their feelings at a moments notice, and they may even become extremely possessive and jealous if they feel that the object of their love is in any danger, or even a tiny bit unprotected.  The mother/child relationship is one that they crave most as they try to give all their relationships this same type of objective love.  They may end up smothering the ones they love the most with their over-protective and comforting ways.

Gemini – May 22nd through June 21st (Numerology: Number 3)
Mercury Element: Air Quality: Mutable Crystal: Agate
Symbol: Twins (A dualistic nature and back and forth pull of opposites)
Qualities: Self-expressive, restless, clever, curious, artistic, extroverted, versatile, sociable.
Negative: Shallow, deceitful, inconsistent, superficial.

Probably one of the most ‘changeable’ signs of the zodiac, Gemini is known for their split personality and outgoing and extroverted nature. They may seem happy and funny one moment and then distant and aloof the next. They are often quite adaptable and curious about the world around them. With the element of Air they are quite involved in the mental (intellectual) side of things. They love a good conversation, and will argue and debate just about any subject that arises.

Frequently they are free-spirited and they feel like they might not belong in the Earthy world that they are living in. They may seek out very different ways to find some sense of direction and they will certain explore every alternative there is, before settling on one (usually the one that is most interesting and artistic to them). There is a strong desire to learn as much as possible, and their intellectual and imaginative personality makes others feel right at home as long as there is some type of teaching, or learning going on. They want to hear, in words, what is true, and they often will not believe anything unless they can hear it direct from the others that were involved.

Because of the mutable quality to the element Air, they are often very adaptable and willing to change. The social butterflies of the zodiac they end up falling in love with relationships and seek their soul mates without end. This may even continue when they do settle down, as their desire to find social settings and be with friends is so strong that it’s hard for them to truly relax when they are not with others.
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