Astrology Class 1 – Module 5

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Module 5 – The Planets (Pluto, Neptune, 12th Planet)


Pluto (10)

Ruler of: Scorpio

Qualities: Penetrating, intense, powerful, masterful leader, probing, secretive, enigmatic, passionate, compulsive, regeneration, compulsion, rebirth.

Pluto is another ‘outer planet’ or one that is beyond the view with your naked eye. You will need a telescope to see it. It is often known as the planet of eccentricity and was not observed until 1930. Because of its distance from our own Earth astronomers argue about its size and even if it is a planet at all. Recent news seems to confirm that Pluto will always be in a status of subconscious flux. The General Assembly of the International Astronomical Union declared Pluto a ‘dwarf planet’ taking away its planetary status in August 2006. We will stick to the belief that Pluto is a planet, as it certainly holds some effect on your astrological influences.

Being the smallest and densest of the planets it is usually associated with our unconscious drives and also with birth, death and resurrection (or rebirth). It is also known as a symbol of old patterns (barriers) which need to be broken and eliminated so that we can grow, develop and change. It is the symbolic and numerological nature of its number (10) which hints at the power that this planet holds for astrological interpretation. The number 10 being the combination of God force in us, and the unconscious and all-powerful universal energy of the zero (0). When all of these are combined you have the powerful, secretive and explosive energy traits associated with the planet Pluto.

With the other outer planets, it is up to Pluto to reveal all repressed psychic energy and to get our feelings (such as greed, jealousy, anger, envy) out into the open so that we must come to terms with it. These forces bring out the darker and instinctive nature of who we really are, though usually through an uncomfortable awareness or forced on us by the transpersonal change brought about by the vibrational energy of Pluto itself. Think of it as the transpersonal energy of change that will force your personality (and personhood) to grow.

If you try to repress or inhibit the force, you may run into even greater trouble. It is truly energy of change, but usually brought about by destruction and crisis.

Linked with both sex and death, the loss of control associated with each of these is representative of the energy of Pluto in our own lives. Operating at the unconscious and unseen levels, the tendency is for these forces to come out through obsessive behavior or compulsions to things that we have no understanding of. Through the work at these lower levels you will come to find that Pluto can bring about change that will affect you throughout much of your life. In fact, it is your own life purpose which may be changed for the better by the power of Pluto. Without its energy of change we would be stuck to relive the past over and over. Keep this in mind whenever old behavior pattern tends to repeat themselves.

Pluto is often linked with personal crisis, and emotional upheaval. The planet Pluto represents the idea of death, rebirth and the hidden power of subconscious growth that acts as a catalyst in changing our lives, even though you may feel like you are losing control. It is associated with the astrological sign Scorpio and the number 10, and its qualities include regeneration, power, rebirth, rejuvenation, transformation through personal change, and intensity. Its negative tendencies include coercion, fanaticism, secrecy, destruction, and obsession.

Neptune (11)

Ruler of: Libra

Qualities: Intuition, imagination, illusion, dreamy, idealistic, transformation through spiritual growth, indecisive, cooperative, charming, competitive, diplomatic, relationship oriented.

Neptune is the 8th planet from our own Sun and is often associated with ‘weird attributes’ that are unable to be categorized completely. Being the most outermost planet, it’s path is sometimes crossed by Pluto. It is often linked to the inspirational muse energy of poets, artists and musicians, and to psychics and other who are able to recognize and visualize the energies surrounding all of us that cannot normally be seen. Through travel into these higher states we are able to change love of self, and others into universal love and higher ideals. Often representative of our own vision of some perfect world that does not exist, it can lead some astray through the use of drugs, fantasy worlds or even through religious goals which are unattainable and fantastic. It’s energy wants us to become more spiritual, to join with and have faith (belief) in things which are not always known or visible. The uncertainty that Neptune can bring may lead to living a life of vague illusion and lofty ideals which are impossible to achieve.

As we look inside for something greater, the inner communication and longing (and sometimes addiction) can all be brought about by the experiences and properties that Neptune creates in our own natal astrology chart. If you are fortunate enough to have a well positioned Neptune you can count on a sympathetic, imaginative and healing journey to your inner self that can reflect and reach out toward the greater powers of the universe.

Neptune is probably most known for it’s idealistic, imaginative and visionary power that it gives us. But this is not always had without a price. Sometimes the self-deception and delusions brought about by your own desire to accept and be accepted by this idealistic world can be overwhelming and lead to feelings of guilt and self-doubt. You must learn to act with true sacrifice and individuality, yet still hold the wishes of all others in highest esteem. There may be times where you feel like a martyr, or when you are seeking redemption for it’s own sake. Be careful and try to embrace the spiritual transformative powers and idealistic desire of the numerological (11) without becoming overwhelmed. Remember, it is possible to be dreamy and transcendent without giving yourself up completely, and you will go far toward changing yourself, and your world through the powerful Neptunian energy.

Neptune teaches us that our entire world can be an illusion sometimes. It reminds us that the unique path of reality that each of us creates lies within, and that through our connection with the divine we can transcend, grow, and reconnect with the spirituality that may bring us the greatest joy. The planet begs us to make the sacrifices required to get closer to our own inner self. It is associated with the astrological sign Libra and the number 11, and its qualities include transformation, idealism, diplomatic, relationship-oriented, and charming. Its negative tendencies include indecisive, competitive, deceptive, fake, vague, confused, unrealistic, and seeking dissolution (separation from reality).

12th Planet or Higher Octave of Venus (12)

Ruler of: Virgo

Qualities: Efficient, discreet, industrious, methodical, studious, hardworking, healthy, results oriented, painstaking, critical and communicative.

We now come to a planet (basically unknown until a few years ago) which many astrologers do not even recognize. The 12th planet is one that was discovered by Zecharia Sitchin who has come to define that planet and it’s position in our own solar system before it was even found. The importance of this planet, which lies within, or near the vast asteroid belt surrounding our solar system is powerful and indicative of what can happen when we look outside of our current definitions for an answer.

NASA has verified the existence of the so-called ‘12th planet’ and we will use that as the basis of our studies in Astrology to define the traits of completion and discrimination that are applied to the astrological sign Virgo. Though very far from Earth, and even further then the other outermost planets, the 12th planet does have an influence on us even though it’s 3,000 year orbit only brings it near us once in great while. The 3,000 year period may even be thought to resemble the Indian Yugas (time cycle) for its great length and its influence on human nature. Perhaps the best way to discuss the traits of the sign Virgo is through a distant planet. Discrimination and criticism come to the front of the traits for this planet. Combining the vibrational energy of the 1 and 2 (12) is not an easy task as these two numbers represent the masculine and feminine. When the two come together there is only one way to move forward, through spirituality, perfectionism, and idealism to an extreme that is best defined as methodical, studious, frugal and sometimes a bit over-critical. In the end though the hard work and how we find time for others are questioned and there is a lot to learn about career, hard-work and skillfulness from this planet.

The 12th Planet/High Octave of Venus helps us learn the value of possessions as they are related to spiritual acceptance and the gift of accepting our materialness if we need to. It brings our inner reality and outer world together in a way that demands that the relationship between where and how we work is part of us too. We must accept our own short-comings and those of others as we learn the true value of all things and especially of others in our life. Relationships and work are the focus as these two planets ask that we reflect on our time and how we spend it carefully. They are associated with the astrological sign Virgo and the number 12, and their qualities include efficiency, hard work, industriousness, healthy, routine oriented, and methodical. The negative tendencies include perfectionism, possessive, overly-critical and demanding.

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