Biorhythm Report Readings

Jun 19th, 2009 | By | Category: Other Divination Readings, Other Readings
biorhythmhdr Biorhythms (an online biorhythm chart, includes emotional, physical, intellectual, intuitive, spiritual, aesthetic and self-awareness cycles). This reading will display your emotional, intellectual, spiritual, intuitive, spiritual, esthetic and self-awareness cycles). Some of these cycles cannot be found in other charts, so it’s good to have them here. You can choose and print a small, medium or large chart.

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  1. I’m not sure I understood the reading. All the lines went from the top to the bottom. I broke my arm on Sept 3 and have gone through some pain and challenges since then but I couldn’t really understand the graph. I’m also going on a cruise and leaving Oct 22. I couldn’t really see any differences in the lines; they seemed to be consistent. I guess I’m not reading it correctly.

  2. That’s right, top to bottom, but we need a better description here. The top of the scale are high points for that line, for example: a high Blue (physical) line would represent extra physical abilities during that time. The low points are periods of lower abilities, and when the line crosses the middle line (the one right across the center), or each other are possible crisis points for both lines (if there are 2 personal lines crossing), or for the 1 line (if it is one personal line crossing the center line). Do these match up for you?

    You can also find a detailed explanation in the text below your chart ‘Understanding Your Biorhythm Chart’, here’s the Blue line explanation:

    The blue line is a graphic display of your physical self during the period. The physical self measurement is an indicator of your energy levels. If the blue line is at the top of the chart you are in a physically energized portion of your cycle. If the blue line is at or near the bottom of the chart you are in a low point in your physical cycle. High points are an excellent time to take on physically challenging ventures. Low points indicate you may be physically spent and may need to take it easy a for a while.

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