Tarot and the 22 Paths (part two)

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Tree of Life (the 22 Paths)

In this article we will look into how the 22 cards of the Major Arcana of the Tarot deck are related to the sefiroth (or spheres) of the Tree of Life and the paths between those spheres. In a earlier article I defined the Major Arcana (22 cards) for you as well as their symbology. We also looked at the definitions of the terms that we will need as we continue in this article as we explore the pathways between the spheres.

I’ll start this discussion by teaching you about the realm of the spheres in the Tree of Life. It is very important to understand the realsm and the paths between them before we move forward. The spheres themselves are broken up into 3 main sections – which separate us as individuals (according to the ancient Kabbalah). They are as follows: 1) the personality and emotions, 2) the soul and past intuition, and 3) the spirit and current inuition.

Within each section (or realm) we have layers, so for example within the personality realm we have 4 spheres of the tree of life which begins with the bottom sphere ‘Malkuth’ (the body and senses). Above that we have ‘Yesod’ (also known as the subconscious).

I’ll be working from the bottom to the top of the tree, so have a look at the tree of life to the right. Above the first sphere, and to the left, we come to ‘Hod’ (our personal thoughts), above and right of ‘Yesod’ is ‘Netzach’ (our feelings). This completes the realm of your personality and emotions and it includes the feeling abilities and the integrated vibrational energies that are required for balancing your feelings, thoughts, as well as your experiences along with how you express them. Your body and those senses lie at ‘Malkuth’, the root of the tree of life. It is always good to return to that grounding energy before you continue on with each new pathworking.

The lower spheres of the tree are most important as you will do best to balance those before you even thing about continuing on paths or pathworking that may take you to the other, higher vibrational spheres. I’ll talk more about those paths later. Let’s continue our spheres discussion.

The middle group of spheres represents is the part that represents your total spirit, or in other words, (the individual soul) which has separated from the great spirit to come down to planet Earth to represent you. Within this group of spheres, we have ‘Tiphareth’, (the center of your entire self) as well as the link between your personality spheres and the higher spheres above this (the transpersonal spheres, or the spheres of the spirit). To the left and above is ‘Geburah’, also known as the place of Will Power for your own personal self. To the right is ‘Chesed’ representing love and awareness. If you exercise the connections between love and will and you also stay in the center, directly in your unique self-direction than your attention to your centered self will arise. It is here that you will be able to gain a very deep conscious connection and awareness of bringing your unique destiny under your control.

I will be showing you many different ways that you can access the higher realms by yourself, simply by learning to work through the paths that are between them. But, keep in mind that it is also equally important that you stay centered (and grounded) in a way that will assist you as you apply the lessons that you will be learning from the pathworking that you will be doing. Eventually, rather than being a player in your own drama (of life), you will become the director (in the drama) instead. This is a huge and very powerful difference that will give you deep insights and incredible insights as you learn the lessons and the teachings that you find along the way (through the different paths of the tree of life). These teachings cannot be found using in any other method,they are entirely unique, though symbolically they may contain similar lessons, the insights that you gain will be beyond anything you have realized previously.

So, as you are more and more centered, eventually you will gain complete control over your own destiny. When that happens, the resulting outcome is beyond your wildest dreams. You may come to see the unfolding of your own unique soul purpose as it unfolds. It is one of the most exciting things you may ever experience in your life. This great connection between your soul and all of the sphere in the realm of the soul will be open to you. Explore deeply, especially the ones between Chesed (love) and Geburah (will).

Now, just above the individual soul lies the ‘realm of the spirit’ where you will explore the deep bonds between your own individual soul and a spiritual connection with the 3 spheres above: Binah (representing spiritual love), chokma (spiritual will and it’s purpose) and Kether (the divine self). Any time that you are feeling like you are in a transcendent state – you will recognize that nature is even larger (bigger) than you are – but that it is still part of you. When you feel this, you will know that there is a divine plan that enfolds all of us. Within this state of transcendence, you will learn how you can manifest spiritual realities in the everyday world of physical reality. It is this veil that you will be able to open to reveal the presence of God in your life.

Tarot on the Tree of Life

Tarot on the Tree of Life

If we look at a summary below you will notice that this is how the 3 realms are laid out (from top to bottom)

SPIRITUAL: the divine self, (spiritual love and will)
SOUL: centered self (will and power, love and awareness)
PERSONALITY: the body (senses), and the subconscious, (thoughts and feelings).

Nearly all of the spheres that are connected by the pathways are connected to others directly by their own path, but you will notice that many paths will require that you work backwards two or even three or four times before you are able to traverse the path that will take you to the sphere that you wish to visit, and learn from. As you come to travel these paths in your meditation journeys you will gain a much better undrestanding of how each of the two sphere that you are traveling between are related in your world. You will also uncover how the connection between the two spheres is made and excactly what it means for your own personal growth (and the growth of the world).

If you find a good tarot deck to work with, the symbology of the paths that are associated with the two spheres can be found in the symbols which appear directly on the tarot card indicating the path you are working on. It is a phenomenal reminder that we are dealing with a common symbol system that represents spirituality on the physical Earth. As we study more of the tarot we will learn each of the cards, and the corresponding paths that are used to indicate each of the paths on the Tree of Life. Always keep in mind that the first ten sphere will always represent the first ten paths that you should follow. The next 22 paths are numbered in succession from 11 to 32 and they work their way from the top of the tree to the bottom. But, also keep in mind that this is not the way that you should thin of traversing the tree yourself. You always want to start your journeys from the physical body and the sensations of the self which are represented by Malkuth.

As we progress into the next article we will lay out and discuss the 22 paths completely and we will start to look even deeper at the unique symbolic meanings between each of the spheres on the path. Until we start that journey try to stay grounded and feel your connection to Earth – stay centered and start to prepare for a journey that is beyond anything that you have experienced previously.

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