Personal Compatibility and Numerology (The Compatibility of Numbers part one)

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Numerology Compatibility?

Numerology Compatibility?

I have covered the easiest way to determine compatibility with numerology many times. I am frequently asked about a method for making one simple calculation to determine if one person is compatible with another. In this article I will give you an understanding on how I think this should be done properly and why I believe that it is the best method for understanding compatibility. I will start with a little background on how I determine number compatibilities. It’s helpful to note that the compatibility is dependent on many issues, so let’s look at those first.

The compatibility of numbers (or indicating numerological compatibility) is a very complex subject, and it is definitely not one that can be reduced to one simple calculation. There are many numerology books and reference materials where you can look up number compatibilities in a simple chart, for example: a 1 should get along just fine with a 2, however the 1 will not get along quite as good with a 9. There is some value to this form of compatibility calculation there is certainly not enough information to give you the complete picture, especially if you are looking at personal compatibility with another person! In this case, I believe that it is much more important to calculate an entire numerology chart and then look at each of the unique and completely separate (and different) areas of that chart to gauge compatibility in each single area. Let’s look at how to do that.

I myself will split up a compatibility reading into 5 unique areas (or sections), you will see them reviewed below. We will go over each section and why I believe it is important as well as how the calculations are made that determine each of these distinct areas of compatibility. Note that is very important to make the compatibility calculation in each area, and to finally, in the end determine the overall compatibility.

  1. Intuitive
  2. Emotional
  3. Physical (or personality)
  4. Intellecual
  5. Fate (and long term compatibility)

Each of these sections can be used to calculate a single number for each person. These five areas are the key chart featured in The Dreamtime Compatibility Readings, and the ‘at a glance chart’ will let you see, at a glance your compatibility with another person! But, the chart itself involves many numerological calculations.

Of the five compatibility sections that I prepare, I also believe that it is best to split out the Fate compatibility from the other numbers. Why? Because this is the one part of the Compatibility Chart which looks at your overall fate or karmic lesson and it involves a much deeper compatibility – indicating that you have favorable, or unfavorable compatibility for many years. By expanding on this one number (Fate Compatibility) it is also possible to get a very good idea of the past karma lesson(s) to be learned in this life in one single sentence.

The Fate number is calculated by adding together the Life Path number from the your date of birth to the total birth certificate name number (the entire name number, sometimes called the expression number, or destiny number). I will expand on these other calculations in a separate article, but for now you can make this calculation quite easily, see the Pythagorean chart (below, in this article) for finding the name letter values. The Life Path can be calculated easiest by doing a simple horizontal calculation (though I prefer the Pythagorean calculation for this, in this situation it does not matter). To make the Life Path calculation add all of the numbers in the birth date together, and then reduce to a single number, for example, if your birthday is May 10th, 1960, then you would add 5 + 1 + 0 + 1 + 9 + 6 + 0 = 22. You then add 2 + 2 and get a Life Path of 4. To make the calculation for the full birth certificate name number add together all of the numeric values of the name and reduce to a single digit, for example (Marge Sara Jones = Marge = 4 + 1 +9 +7 + 1 = 22=2+2=4, Sara = 1 + 1 + 9 + 1 = 12 = 1 + 2=3, and Jones = 1 + 6 + 5 + 5 + 1 = 18 = 1+8=9. The total birth certificate name number is 7, Marge=4, Sara=3, Jones=9, the total is calculated as 16 (4 + 3 + 9), then reduce this to one number like this = 1 + 6 = 7.

After you have completed the calculations, the next step is to make sure that you look at a detailed analysis of each area of the overall chart (with both of you) and that you check to make sure that it is correct. While doing this you should try to make sure that you are keeping an eye on how each of the two people in the chart match up (in each section), while at the same time, keeping the overall compatibility in mind. This is not easy. Many people tend to get caught up in exploring one single section of the chart at this point, or on just one number. The more important point is to find the compatibility of the entire chart which involves finding the detailed compatibility from as many different sides of the relationship as is possible, and not just in one area, or from one number (for example personality or physical attraction).

Some numerologists follow the practice of calculating a composite number. The composite number is calculated by adding the numbers of the two people together to get one single number. That one single number is used to calculate a compatibility. Through years and years of personal numerology readings and calculations, there has very rarely been a time when I found value in this composite number in a reading. Instead what happens is that you are left with an inaccurate compatibility number and also a very inaccurate compatibility reading as well.

Pythagorean Value System
1 2








The composite number and it’s calculation is very different than a synastry number. A synastry reading tries to get an overview of the numbers in both charts, and then find a way to explain those numbers in context of the overall reading. This is a method that I am more comfortable working with myself . When it comes to composite numbers, many times the ‘added numbers’ (composite numbers) are not nearly as important as looking at the two actual numbers (for each person involved in the reading) when checking the compatibility.

Compatible, or not?

I do not find any value in the additive synthesis approach represented by a simple composite number. Why? Because – to me – it just doesn’t make logical sense, and secondly it is not accurate at all. For example, here is how a composite calculation would go: I am a 1 and you are a 2 so, when we are together we must be a 3 (or we will become a 3 in our relationship). This does not apply to two people together in any circumstance, or if at all, in only very rare situations. There is just no logic and intuitiion in making this calculation. Let me explain… I’d be much happier knowing the type of number 1 I am, for example is my personality a 1, or is it my intellectual aspect that’s a 1, and what type of 2 are you: emotionally, or intuitively. By researching into the number types for each person, I feel it is easier to make a much clearer determination of the overall compatibility than by simply looking at the total composite number that we add up to. Taking a look at this from another perspective, imagine a composite number of 5. Was this number given by adding 4+1, or was it obtained by adding 3+2? These are defintely very different 5 numbers (41/5 and 32/5) in numerology! I hope that you can understand my thinking on this point and I also hope that you agree.

Back to my own calculations and the chart discussed earlier. Once the compatibility of the five sections (intuitive, emotional, physical, intellectual and fate) is calculated, they are totaled together by using a weighted calculation (in other words, each section is weighted differently) depending on whether the compatibility we are looking at is a business or personal compatibility. Throughout the compatibility reading that is offered at The Dreamtime, I like to include as much information about personal, as well as business relationships between the two of you. I have found this to be very valuable as it makes the reading apply to different facets of the relationship, and it is valuable to see both of these two major types of compatibility expressions (both personal and business) in one reading.

By discussing both of these aspects in the reading I can show two people how they will get along within any situation. This more in-depth compatibility reading features insightful bonus dimensions which are just not available in other readings. The extra business and personal information has proven to be very useful to a number of people! The overall total weight is then calculated to give the overall compatibility rating (from 1-5 on the scale that I use) and you have a total numerological calculation for the relationship in both main areas: romance and business.

Note that the personality (and your physical attraction) is probably the one thing that attracted you initially, although overall it is one of the lower weighted compatibility numbers in the entire reading! This is because it is not the physical attraction that will keep you together in the long run. This number does show you what will keep you attracted to each other physically, but this is not always the most important compatibility aspect.

I hope you have enjoyed this little discussion on number compatibilities, and that you find it useful in your own relationships. Watch for a follow-up article next time with more information on how each of the number compatibilities are calculated for the five main sections of your compatibility chart.

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  1. Hi,friends

    I suppose that the interpretation of the “destiny number” (the letters of the entirely name) may be different to those of the european alphabet..??


  2. Yes, that’s true Aurora. I’ve discussed this on, the numeric system for other countries and their unique alphabets is talked about on this page at

    Anyone in another country should refer to that page for information on their unique alphabet, I also list some of the alphabets at:

  3. Hi again,Brett

    Do you know the significance of the jewish letter as numerology? Also it is possible to know the correlation between the egyptian letters and numerology?

    thank you,

  4. Hi Aurora,

    I have studied the Jewish/Hebrew system of numbers. This is discussed in greater detail in the Numerology course material which you will be able to view when you take that course.

    Basically they use much higher numbers for the second half of the alphabet. Their system works fine, but only for people living in that environment/culture. I tested it, and it does not pertain to our modern world view.

    Regarding Egyptian numerology, I will be writing a new article about the Egyptian use of numbers and will be adding that in the next 1-2 weeks or so. Let me know if there are others you would like me to write. I will be also adding a ‘request article’ feature from the Help menu (top of every page).

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