Astrology Class 1 – Module 4

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[private]Module 4 – The Planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus)

Jupiter (7)

Ruler of: Capricorn

Qualities: Creative, spiritual, intuitive, expansive, optimistic, unique, introspective, futuristic, progressive, optimistic, abstract, broadening, able to summarize and understand grand things.

Jupiter is the largest planet of our solar system and was previously through to rule expansion and exploration. My research has proven that Jupiter is instead best symbolized by loneliness and searching, seeking a greater meaning in life taking the time to research and study to find an answer. This may sometime require being alone for many years, as the seeker does whatever is required to find meaning. Creativity and intuition are the two strongest characterstics of Jupiter. The wisdom of the priesthood and religious rituals is another trait of Jupiter.

Good fortune and all that it entails is indicated by the astrological chart position of Jupiter. Feelings of inadequacy and negativism can creep in when Jupiter is in a ruling position. Integrating the aspects of our personality that require us to explore our future and our destiny is the main expression of Jupiter. As we learn to look toward a greater (global) awareness our mind is expanded and the possibilities are limitless, if we can keep our approach focused and remember that our self-confidence is fueled by our own providence and good fortune.

Faith, opportunities and our ability to progress and grow into greater realms are all indicated by the position of Jupiter in the chart. We must seek to broaden our mind and our experiences as we thirst for knowledge that we can fulfill with travel and knowledge, we will then be fully expressing Jupiter and learning to manifest a good that will spread throughout the universe. Intuition and insight are two very strong traits as well as the ability to understand large abstract systems of thought and ideals. Eventually you must learn to put all of this together and to create your own belief system, to find the greater meaning and to interpret that meaning into a tangible reality. As you do that, and reconnect with others similar to you, you will find comfort and solace in having space around you to do things the way you would like, and the sense to go deep within to challenge yourself and find answers – then you will know the force of Jupiter.

Jupiter represents growth and expansion in a reading. It is associated with the sign Aquarius and the number 7 in numerology. Its qualities include maturity, strength, morality, happiness, domesticity, luck, and prosperity. Its positive tendencies include expansion, maturity, optimism, growth, luck, and prosperity while its negative tendencies are greed, self-righteousness, arrogance, and excess.

Saturn (8)

Ruler of: Aquarius

Qualities: Self-disciplined, responsible, wise, inhibited, secure, self-improvement, cautious, thrifty, inhibited, hardship, conscience.

Once thought to be the farthest planet in orbit in our Solar system, we now know there are others (Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and 12th Planet). Saturn is an extremely cold planet with it’s trademark rings which are formed from frozen particles that form a natural barrier to reaching the planet’s surface. Much like this ringed barrier, the Saturnian principles are those of limitation based on responsibility, success, security and duty. Saturn wishes to teach us of self-discipline and humility. It reveals our inner anxieties and may even make us feel inadequate.

As a symbol Saturn usually represents older people, or authority figures in our life and it may also be a sign of your parental father, or at least the person who held the greatest control over you as a child. Because this is the case the location of Saturn in the birthchart is a good place to look for lessons that need to be learned. This is the place where difficulties and responsibilities lie. It is also the place where there are many lessons to be learned and where you may grow wise by having the patience to learn these lessons.

Like the numerological 8 that it represents there is a great amount of karma associated with Saturn and it’s influences on you astrogically. It may serve to highlight or bring out the parts of you that you are not happy with and make you anxious and defensive about those traits that you know you need to work on in yourself. There may be a struggle within to get over the obstacles and past karma that Saturn has to show you, but it will be worth it in the end as only passing the greatest difficulties will you achieve your highest potential.

Saturn’s principles in a reading are limitation and control. It is associated with the sign Capricorn and the number 8. Its qualities include wisdom, responsibility, perseverance, patience, and discipline. It is the last planet visible with the naked eye and has an orbit of 30 years. Its positive tendencies include experience, discipline, patience, duty, stability, and thriftiness. Its negative tendencies include catastrophe, cold, stubbornness, inhibition, and isolation.

Uranus (9)

Ruler of: Sagittarius

Qualities: Genius, optimism, change, humanitarian, blunt, enthusiastic, candid, just, philosophical, revolutionary, sudden, inner voice.

Uranus goes beyond all of the previous planets which are visible to our naked eye and takes us higher into the mind to expose a blueprint to the meaning of life. It was eventually named in 1781, and given the name of Saturn’s father. Uranus demands that we step back, take stock of our lives and get rid of any people or things which are no longer useful or meaningful to us. It is a powerful force within that drives you to rebel and to strike out in new and progressive ways. Change is required and just like it’s numerological number (9), change is what must happen in order for us to grow. It’s time to get rid of material demands and the searching for wealth and success (as demanded by Saturn) and to break away from any stifling barriers or responsibilities. Even though humanitarian acceptance is the key trait of Uranus, it must seek this out on it’s own terms.

Representing this radical change in astrological terms demands that we reach into greater and more universal ways of thinking. The intuitive mind must step in here and echo the truth that it finds in all things through a realization that all things are part of the one, and through this one we will all return someday. The power of Uranus is it’s strength of will and it’s desire for wisdom, sometimes at the expense of others. Only because it is blind to the guidance and help from others. Humanitarian kindness may be blind, but it is with this strong effort to achieve success, in abstract and global terms that Uranus makes its vibration known.

The planet Uranus represents the idea of change. It is associated with the astrological sign Sagittarius and the number 9, and its qualities include change, chaos, eccentricity, and suddenness. Its positive tendencies include independence, excitement, creativity, uniqueness, brilliance, and originality. Its negative tendencies include catastrophe, eccentricity, boredom, and rebellion.

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