Astrology Class 1 – Module 3

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[private]Module 3 – The Planets (Earth, Mars, Venus)

Earth (4)

Ruler of: Taurus

Qualities: Stable, dependable, hard working, traditional, balanced, secure, grounded, down-to-earth, cautious, pragmatic, possessive, reliable, predictable.

While many astrologers leave the Earth out of their calculations, it is important to have as a reference to our own personal symbolism. It is not usually indicated, and you will not find it on any birth chart simply because the chart represents all of the other planets as seen from Earth. But, I have found that it is the sure sign and symbol for the numerological 4 energy, and therefore I use it to indicate any 4 vibration in a chart, house, or sign. For example the astrological sign is Taurus, and the astrological house is the second house.

The Earth is the 3rd planet in distance from the Sun. It is as far as we know at this time the only planet that is able to sustain life. The temperatures and availability of water make life and development stable and possible. There has been a constant reminder of the symbolic qualities of Earth from all of the ancient civilizations. They all agree on the 4 vibration, and the stable and foundational qualities that represent Earth as a female and mother to all of us, as we have all been created from her molecules.

The properties of the Earth are naturally the same properties we think of when we think of ourselves living on our planet, it is home, there is a sense of security in knowing that the Earth will provide for us, feed us, clothe and shelter us from any harm. These are the symbols of the Earth and of course this sense of security is extremely important to us and motivates us in all that we do. It is a motherly connection and the nurturing and safe environment that it provides us is one that we will always associate with and hold close.

The Earth represents us. Historic references include the feminine, mother, foundation, and all of the four elements: air, fire, water, and earth. It is connected with the number 4 in numerology and its qualities include stability, fertility, and foundation from the divine mother. The Earth is often called the divine mother or mother Earth, representing our own mother. The Earth is seen as female in the myths of many cultures, with the sky often playing the male counterpart. Earth’s positive tendencies include stability, fertility, responsible, practical, dependable and ethical, and its negative tendencies include being conservative, slow, overly cautious and fearful.

Mars (5)

Ruler of: Aries

Qualities: Stable, dependable, hard working, traditional, balanced, secure, grounded, down-to-earth, cautious, pragmatic, possessive, reliable, predictable.

Mars is considered to be the first planet and the number 1 by some astrologers. But, an in-depth study has proven to me that this is not the case. The 1 energy definitely belongs to the Sun, while Mars is much more of an embodiment of the 5 energy. How can I be so certain? For several reasons. First, it is important to note that Mars (the Roman god of war: Ares in Greek mythology) is always associated with war. The 5 vibration is one of change, chaos and self-independence based on the growth and expansion of humankind. These are the qualities of war, and it’s evident when we realize that the change that occurs when the 5 vibration is evident and when Mars appears in the chart is also the coinciding energy of war: bravery, assertiveness, competitiveness, impulsiveness, charisma and assertiveness.

Competition and striving to be the best and protect our egos is what drives the energy of Mars. It is related to muscular strength and to recuperative powers. It describes exactly what it is we want out of life and it corresponds to our basic drives and our motivations to achieve (and compete) things.

In a reading Mars represents physical energy. It is associated the sign Aries and the number 5. Mars’ qualities include Initiative, action, and conquest. Mars is traditionally associated with war and masculinity. Its positive tendencies are

courage, out-going energy, self-expressive, self-assertive, directed, pioneering, driven, and explorative, while its negative tendencies are a quick temper, selfishness, aggression, impatience, anger, and impulsiveness. In a birth chart it shows how we impose our personal will on the world to achieve success.

The instinct to survive and our individual personality are all influenced heavily by Mars and it’s position in the astrological birth chart. This sense of aggression and impetus in us eventually enables us to learn new skilss and to master our world. This sense of competitiveness is what drives many people, especially sports figures, who have proven to have Mars in a very well aspected position in their chart, almost every time.

Venus (6)

Ruler of: Pisces

Qualities: Loving, artistic, possessive, graceful, sensual, popular, tactful, comforting, fulfilled, warm, sensitive, inspired.

Nearly as large as the Earth, Venus is sometimes known as the evening star because of it’s bright appearance near sunset each evening. Early astrologers saw Venus as a very beautiful planet and therefore gave it a name meaning goddess of love and beauty. It is also interesting to note that Venus travels between us (Earth) and the planet that rules our mental faculties (Mercury). Mercury symbolizes money as it is used for trading/selling and the soul aspect of physical possessions, which means that we can think of Venus as the symbol of the feeling that we get when we go on a shopping spree just for ourselves, or the feeling that accompanies us when we purchase something new. It is important to keep in mind that it this feeling which is symbolized by Venus, and not the actual physical possessions (material possessions) as those are symbolized by Saturn.

The beloved is the key association that Venus represents. This includes the feeling that any person, or even object of our ideals gives us. This one trait is what Venus is symbolic of, and it can sometimes act as a mirror of our own feelings and our inner soul. The ease with which we can give ourselves to another is indicated by the position of Venus in the astrological birthchart. In a woman’s chart the location is also representative of how she expresses herself sexually, and romantically to others, while in a man’s chart it gives a very good indication of the type of woman that he will have interest in and be attracted to, both sexually, and intellectually.

Venus represents love and affection and our ability to experience joy in our lives. It represents how worthy we feel of ourselves, and also gives us an idea as to how much we are capable of giving love and affection to others. Venus is a good measure of our desire to form relationships, and even the type of person that we may be attracted to. It is the one single principle of love and romantic attraction in the entire birthchart. Be wary of jealousy, vengeance and seeking after personal gratification and sexual addiction when Venus is not aspected well in a chart.

All of the arts are symbolic of Venus and it’s ability to create beauty in every respect. Dance, music, poetry, and even artistic talent is represented by Venus, and the number 6 throughout any chart. Keep this in mind and also the fact that Venus symbolism indicates a particular ness about clothes that are worn and how the home is decorated.

Venus is associated with the astrological sign Pisces and the number 6. Its qualities include Possessions, harmony, values, and comfort. Venus is never beyond 48 degrees from the sun and other than the moon is usually the brightest natural object visible in the night sky. Its positive tendencies include love, popularity, diplomacy, tact, comfort and fulfillment and its negative tendencies include laziness and vanity.

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