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[private]Module 1 – The History of Numerology

Numerology is an ancient science of life that combines psychology and philosophy as well as religion (through symbols) to show us symbolic answers to our questions. The symbols come from names, dates, numbers and other things which we choose to make symbolic. It is unique and personal to each viewer. It is through this alchemy of symbolic representation that we can view our destiny, events in our lives and even our own purpose that has been encoded for us in our date of birth and the names that our parents have given us – or that they were instructed to give us from some higher source.

That may sound like a pretty high bar to reach, but I can vouch that numerology is one of the few sciences that is capable of it, as is astrology and other divination arts and sciences. This is because in this science there is always room for the viewpoint (feelings, and outlook) of the person that is placing the question.
It is time that the old methods of occultism be removed this science and that we move forward with explaining how, and why numerology systems work. I hope you find this a fascinating read, and we have many lessons to cover before we get to the end, but if you stick with it and persevere in learning as much as you can about numerology, the rewards that come back to you will be many.

Let’s get started in understanding numerology and how it works by taking a brief look at the history of numerology. We will eventually learn how that history leads us to where we are today. It is thought that numerology originated with Pythagoras, the ancient Greek mathematician and philosopher. It is true that Pythagoras had much to give to our current techniques, but the real science of numerology has been in existence as long as the Earth.

The history of numbers is as old as there is recorded history. Numerology has been used in every ancient society such as Rome, Greece, Egypt, China and it can also be found in symbolic references throughout many books of wisdom including the Christian Bible and throughout Jewish texts such as the Kabala and Sefiroth. Through all of these societies there has been many symbolic references put on to each number as it came to represent specific elements to ancient humans.

The true beginning of numerology can only be guessed at, but we can confirm that it was used throughout ancient Egypt in the temples of priests as long as 10,000 years ago! It is this very ancient beginning that we can weave throughout our modern studies. I’m sure you will come to recognize that there are common themes and symbolic icons for many numbers throughout ancient history. The true beginning of numbers and numerology is as old as the universe itself. As we learn to value these ancient spiritual ways as those created by a thoughtful and knowledgeable people throughout our history before us, we will recognize numerology for the valuable and ‘perfect’ system that it is.

Pythagoras is known to have said: “God Geometrizes.” This single quote alone can be used as a starting point to understanding numerology as it relates to all of us. We are all here from some eternal source (or God) and that since we have all come from this God-Force that we each have our place in the plan of all things. Numerology can be used to help us understand and explain the symbols and their place in our lives. It is all-encompassing as well as pertaining to each of us individually.

If we think of our universe and our place in it, we can look to numerology to point us to our origin, privileges and even our own unique destiny. Though you may not accept, or believe in this theory, or others that I will present throughout these lessons, it is not necessary to come to believe why and how things that are represented to us vibrationally (through the symbolic indicators of numbers) appear throughout our lives and they can be tracked and understood if just a little thought and time is given to study the cycles that occur in all of us, and in our universe.

The law of God-Force and it’s place in our world is all knowing, and all powerful. Karmic law will always see to it that what you have sown, so shall you also reap. Throughout this course, we will come to see that as these laws apply to each of us, they do leave traces behind in our names, birth dates, events and locations in our lives. These traces, though they may not always be perfectly evident and visible to others, can be recognized, seen and studied for the truth that they hold. These truths relate back to the dawn of our universe and the numbers themselves, each bearing some symbolic reference point that will show us, again and again, that cycles and events, lives and destinies are intertwined and connected through each of us, and expressed in the code of numerology.

While the majority of books available to us on numerology tend to base their information on superstition and misinformation, there are some texts which have been written by those who have studied numbers (professional numerologists) for many years and are informative and powerful studies that relate to the science of numerology. I will try to point reference to some of these works, and indicate the valuable aspects of each as we move through this course, but know also that I have studied the numbers most of my life, and have also developed my own systems which I will inform you of.

It is up to each person to uniquely identify if the symbolic references are correct, for them, and then to either accept, or reject them and form their own references if the true value of studying the numbers is to be realized. We will eventually get to that point in this course, but first we must undertake a study of the basics: what we know to be true and to be seen by others. As we progress through this course you will be taken deeply into the exact science of numerology.

I will try to go deeper than has been previously done, ever, and so we must be prepared for study which will lead us throughout many mysteries that we will find revolving around numbers and their meanings in our own lives. I will try to present the information in this course in a neutral light; in other words I will not focus too much on the positive, or the negative, but we will explore both as we learn to interpret the numbers. We will learn by studying our own names, and I will teach you how to make the calculations needed to understand the numbers in your life. You will also learn how to make forecasts using the study of cycles and how they fit into your current life. Persistence is the key, and an open and inquisitive mind as we move forward throughout this course. There will always be places where you can ask for answers, through our Community (Forums) and helpdesk if required. I will be happy to answer any questions that you have.

As you start our study, keep in mind that learning the basics will help us further as you go along, and so it is the basics that you must start with. You will learn through each lesson a little bit more about the symbols and the alchemy, and the geometry of numbers and how they fit into our own lives. As the time passes before you receive your next module, try to recognize symbols, or numbers in your own life. As you learn more and more about each number you will soon notice additional synchronicities appearing in your life related to numbers.

What exactly are numbers? They are the symbols of our universe in general. Throughout the years numerologists have used many methods for divination, forecasting, and prophecies using numbers. Through the Hebrew Kabbalah pentragrams and numbers and letters were combined, and Pythagoras used tables of numbers (qaballahs) that he developed himself. It is important to note that we want to assign a numeric value to each letter of the alphabet. It is important that we take into consideration the meaning of each letter. The best way to do this is to assign the value based on the sound of the letter itself, as this is the same technique used by the Egyptians, Hebrews, Greeks, Romans and Arabs. Since this value is most important, our next lesson will start by compiling the true meaning of each number.

First you should know that there are dualities of each number: every number has a positive and a negative (as well as a neutral) meaning. I will try to take into consideration the ancient true meanings of each number and relate it to the previous, and next number as we go along. So, stay tuned for the next module in this course as we begin by looking at the symbolic meaning of each number and how it relates to our alphabet, and to your name.
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