Astrological Significance of the Rising Sign

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Rising Sign Sunrise

Rising Sign Sunrise

How important is your Rising sign in astrology? Very important, in fact, it’s so important I am going to devote this article to discussing the Rising sign and why it is so important in your astrological chart.

What exactly is the Rising sign? It is the zodiac sign which is rising (just appearing over the eastern horizon) at the moment that you were born. Many astrologers also call this your Ascendant (because it was the ascending sign at the time of your birth). On an astrology chart you might see this abbreviated as ASC. It also establishes the position of your houses in the zodiac (on your chart). This is because your Rising sign marks the beginning of your first house on your natal chart. The rising sign will change about every two hours.

On most natal charts it will show up on the 9 O’clock position on your natal chart. In other words by looking at the astrological sign that is at the 9 O’clock position you can quickly determine your rising sign.

You probably wonder, why is this so important? This is because it represents the role that you will adopt throughout your life and the image that you project to others (especially when you first meet). It is positively an indicator of how you feel about someone right away – or that ‘first impression’ that you get about someone. It also influences in general how you expect others will see and react to you. If you think of your Sun sign as your inner personality and your true potential, then your Moon sign would be your emotional feelings and senses. Your Rising Sign on the other hand would be your physical self – the side that you present to others, and it may be very different from your Sun sign, and this can mean that the way others see you is very different from how you really are!

The Rising sign is very different from your true inner self that comes from your Sun sign. Outwardly you may be very different to the way they you are when you are at home, or in private. The Rising Sign is the persona, or the outer skin. For example if Gemini was the sign that was rising over the horizon at the time of your birth it would indicate that you were very adaptable and versatile, and at times you are quite chatty with others, in fact you may be nervous and flighty in your appearance. You would make an interesting companion as you are always mentally alert and curious. Other would see you as a true seeker of knowledge, often for the sake of knowledge itself. You may get bored very easily and you would have a constant need for stimulation of some type. You would also prefer short trips and may be impulsive when making a purchase.

Number Rising Sign Ruling Planet Qualities Associated With
1 Leo Sun Willpower, Sense of Purpose: expects admiration and strong ego
2 Cancer Moon Feelings and emotions: sensitive, receptive, protective
3 Gemini Mercury Fickle, moody and light-hearted: versatile with a quick-mind
4 Taurus Earth Down to earth, consistent: productive and forceful
5 Aries Mars Charming, Changeable, adventurous: energetic, driven, aggressive
6 Pisces Venus Peace loving, dreamer, impressionable: loves relationships
7 Aquarius Jupiter Eccentric, visionary, inventive: interested in growth and expansion
8 Capricorn Saturn Ambitious, authoritative, fatherly: bound to limitations and discipline
9 Sagittarius Uranus Optimistic, caring, humanitarian: innovative and inventive
10 Scorpio Pluto Seeks to explore deeper: regenerates by self improvement, powerful
11 Libra Neptune Diplomatic, justice seeking, looks after others: imaginative, contemplative
12 Virgo 12th Planet Self-sacrificing, of service to others: links self with others, explorer

In addition to the sign that is rising on the horizon (your rising sign), there is also a ruling planet: the planet that rules that sign, and this too has a very important astrological influence. Here is an example. If you have Gemini Rising in your chart, then we need to look at the planet that rules Gemini which is Mercury. The planet Mercury then is considered your ruling planet, indicating that the part of your personality that corresponds to Mercury will be more prominent and influence you considerably.

Using our example above, we need to determine the ruling planet influences for every planet and then learn from that influence how it will affect us personally. For Mercury, the major influences are: intelligence, mental and communication skills (or self-expressive skills). In numerology Mercury is represented by the number 3. If this were your Rising Sing you would expect that you were someone who is ruled by their ability to communicate with others, and their mental and intellectual abilities; someone that was a powerful speaker and that loved to have a debate about all types of things that were mentally stimulating.

Below is a list of Ruling Planets and Numerological Numbers and Traits for each sign. By checking your own rising sign and looking it up in the table below you will have a good indication on how you present yourself to others, and how your ‘first impression’ comes off to those around you.

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  1. Hi,Brett

    I don’t understand about the sign of Libra and the ruling planet as the Neptun,Classicaly Libra is ruled bt Venus. Also,what does mean the XII planet and why it is not Mercury as it is known to be the ruling planet of the Virgo?

    I saw that you nomminated the rulers after the late planets and their numbers but is not an artifficial nommination? You see,till now all the astrologers considered the ruler of Aquarius as being Uranus and that it is true,and Neptun for the Pisces also true as Jupiter for the Sagitarius,also true for all astrologers.
    And what about this XII planet?? It is not yet discovered and may not be considered as Nebiru from the Sumerians?

    I may say that it is possible to use also these new rulers besides the oldest and in this manner we have to consider and include in our stuies also these oldest rulers,isn’iit it?

    peace and light!,

  2. Hi Aurora,

    Yes, you are right, many past astrologers still go by these ‘old rulers’. I say that because many times these rulers where used before they even knew about the 3 outer planets (uranus, pluto and neptune).

    I have studied all of the astrological associations and I can say it is safe to say that when you try to work to get a consistent explanation for the planets, houses and signs that it works best with the change of rulership as I have laid out. For example, there are very good reasons for this numerologically. 1=Sun (this is very clear), it is the brightest object in our sky and so best represented by 1, 2=Moon (the companion to sun, and the emotional/female qualities), you can also thing of Moon as having some of the 0 (zero) qualities). 3=Mercury (to mean it’s obvious, the number 3 is communication), 4=Earth, (very easy to find that the Native Americans, and many other ancient peoples consider Earth as the number 4. you can also think of this as a ‘lower octave’ Venus energy, 5=Mars (some astrologers put Mars as 1, but it doesn’t fit, with it’s disruptive qualities, and always wishing to find change, 5 fits perfectly with Mars), 6=Venus (love is 6 numerologically, this again matches best). 7=Jupiter (it fits better, 7 is creativity and expansion, this is the description of Jupiter), 8=Saturn (material desire and authority figures are best described with the number 8), 9=Uranus (optimism and innovation, but still a sign of endings, the exact description of the 9), 10=Pluto (probably the hardest to make fit, but it makes sense, 10= self improvment and power), 11=Neptune (11 is the exact description of neptune, mystical, metaphysical, idealistic and dreamy) 12=12th planet (probably the hardest for others to believe, you are right this is Nibiru discovered by Zecharia Sitchin, it is proven by NASA to exist, and so we must include it as a planet, it fits the nature of the 12 and Virgo – self-sacrifice and service to others. If you want to you can also consider this the ‘higher octave’ of venus).

    So, you see, it is possible to try to include the old rulers with the new (especially in the case of Venus), but, I believe it is better to start moving toward a new rulership that aligns more correctly with Numerology. I hope you will see the same. After you finish the Astrology Course, you may want to take the Numerology Course here and see how the numbers, planets, signs, houses match up.

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