Astrology Signs – The Positive and Negative

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The Zodiac from Earth

The Zodiac from Earth

In this article we’re going to go over the positive and negative aspects of each zodiac sign and what that means for the interpretation of an astrology chart for that person. I’m going to go over some aspects of the sign that you may not have heard about before, so let’s get started.

First, I’m going to have to get some astronomy terms out of the way, so if you are not interested in mathematics, or geometry, you may want to skip to the next paragraph. In astronomy terms the zodiac is a band that extends on each side of the ecliptic (the path of the Sun through the heavens) – if we make 12 equal divisions (of 30 degrees each in the arc of a circle) in space along this 8 degree zodiacal wheel we will have setup our zodiac. Each of these 12 equal divisions is like a tiny lens that will change the expression of whichever planet, or astrological aspect that it focuses on. Keep that in mind and view the picture as it may help you ‘visualize’ how it is set up.

Now, as we evolve as human beings we become more conscious of our own zodiac sign and how we are expressing that sign as we grow into our own true life purpose, or potential. As this happens we will come to realize more of our own true nature, and our related talents and abilities as they are indicated by the sign that they are in.

We do not know for sure how each sign of the zodiac got assigned the specific characteristics that is attributed to them with astrology. What we do know is that over thousands of years, it still continues to evolve and brand new insights into our own human nature, traits and abilities as they are related to the zodiac continue to arise. Even many people who know very little of astrology still know what their Sun sign is – the position of the Sun along the zodiac at the exact moment of their birth.

Zodiac with Sun Position

Zodiac with Sun Position

Though, there is much more to be understood from astrology, the Sun sign is a good beginning. The zodiac itself begins with Aries at the vernal equinox (Spring) and circles through each sign until it reaches Pisces where it starts over again. Each chart will have all 12 signs present, though, it is the position and location of planets within these signs at the time of birth that are most important. For example, when the Sun is in a particular sign it can manifest that sign’s characteristics much stronger, and therefore create a strong personality trait.

The 12 signs represent human qualities that color and change the way that we respond to basic urges within each of us. Those urges can be thought of as the planets and the signs that they are in are the basic understanding required for all of astrology practice. Let’s look at each of the 12 signs and how they influence the Sun in their respective sign.

Aries (March 21st – April 20th) Planet: Sun Element: Fire Quality: Cardinal Gem: Diamond

POSITIVE: A strong sense of individuality and honor is the lifeblood of an Aries. They do not stand for others acting dishonorable and they will rarely go to that extreme themselves. They cannot stand selfishness, or disloyalty of any kind even though they are very positive and warm hearted people, they can get carried away with excitement if their imagination gets sparked even in the least bit. They generally have multiple interests and need many different hobbies and things to do to keep them occupied. They love mental challenges and exploring new things and their eternal optimism and boundless enthusiasm for ‘trying something new’ keeps them going.

NEGATIVE: They may sometimes be so headstrong that they charge into things without thinking through the consequences first. They may be impulsive and have a fiery temper that is fueled by their impatience at times. They are miffed easily if someone challenges their authority
and their self-will and inability to compromise can make them very difficult to get along with when they are ‘stuck in their ways’. It’s not possible for them to admit their mistakes, and will become outraged if they find out that others think that they are egocentric, or the least bit selfish.

Taurus (April 21st – May 21st) Planet: Earth Element: Earth Quality: Fixed Gem: Emerald
POSITIVE: Very patient people, a Taurus Sun sign usually has a feeling that things are going to happen when they happen. They are usually very deeply interested in, and practitioners of tradition. As long as they feel like they things are being done their way, they will be happy and understanding. They have a great understanding of all things and they have a great ability to let themselves go and give in to the pleasure of life whenever they feel it is important to do so. They live for being useful and producing things in their life as long as it leads to a solid, material object that they can hold, touch and feel.
NEGATIVE: They have a tendency to become obsessive over obtaining things (objects) in their life. This may include anything from money, drinks, jobs, status, or even sexual pursuits. It may be very hard to dissuade them and it could lead to a lack of control that leaves them helpless. Their desires are their main downfall and they must learn to work within the boundaries that are normal for others, however they may resist any type of change. There is a very strong need for security in their life and they may eventually refuse to accept it and get stuck where they are.

Gemini (May 22nd – June 21st) Planet: Mercury Element: Air Quality: Mutable Gem: Agate
POSITIVE: Communication is their primary objective and they are excellent at anything to do with it: speaking, singing, discussing and even artistically. They have broad interests in many subjects and it’s easy to find something to talk with them about. Very versatile and active
in life they enjoy keeping their mind working at all times. They are quick to act in any situation that it is called for.
NEGATIVE: They may be somewhat childish at times and unable to take full responsibility for their actions. This may result in much wasted energy and over-thinking that keeps them focused on the wrong thing. Their mind may be over-used and not used wisely. They have an incredible fascination by people and how they think, even though they may appear superficial and transparent. They require a lot of freedom and they may feel restricted and stuck if others try to slow them down.

Cancer (June 22nd – July 22nd) Planet: Moon Element: Water Quality: Cardinal Gem: Pearl/Moonstone
POSITIVE: Lovers of all things that they are familiar with, they are more connected to their family then any other sign except for Pisces. They can be committed and dedicated to anyone as long as they feel that they are providing some protectiveness to them. There attachment to their
family endears them to everyone close.
NEGATIVE: They are bound and defined by their relationships with others. They may have an intense fear of being hurt by others and become possessive if they fall in love. There is a great need inside of them to be loved and needed and they seek out others who can provide it. Because they have such strong emotions surrounding everything they may hold on to everything and refuse to give it up.

Leo (July 23rd – August 23rd) Planet: Sun Element: Fire Quality: Fixed Gem: Amber
POSITIVE: They are excellent at leading others, and they like to be praised just as equally. You can count on them to work at every task they are given. They are independent and original in all respects and they have an inner confidence and gift for inspiring others. They may sometimes be dramatic at what they do and are known for making a big impression on others, especially on first glance.
NEGATIVE: Constantly in need of attention, or at least some type of recognition, they may become possessive of those close to them. They certainly like being the center of attention and they crave being praised sometimes more than is desirable. There may be an air of arrogance in their actions and they may try to dictate to others rather than show them how they like things done. They are hurt most by lovers or close family members who neglect them.

Virgo (August 24th – September 22nd) Planet: 12th Planet Element: Earth Quality: Mutable Gem: Topaz
POSITIVE: They are extremely developed in body, mind and spirit. Known for their ability to heal others and teach others as well. They like to explore many areas and show off their talents, though many times their shyness holds them back from becoming too famous. They enjoy leadership and partnership at the same time and must learn to balance the two. They will either be extremely neat and fashionable, or disheveled and distraught by their inability to put everything in it’s place. They might like to hide in their own world more than get out and this could lead to a reclusive nature.
NEGATIVE: Some may call them hypochondriacs because of their tendency to be overly careful about their health and diet. There is a strong value for security and they generally will play it safe instead of taking a risk. There practical nature keeps them focused and obsessed with doing things in a certain way that they may lose sight of what is really going on. They may be overly critical of others and perfectionists.

Libra (September 23rd – October 23rd) Planet: Neptune Element: Air Quality: Cardinal Gem: Opal
POSITIVE: They are excellent at being diplomatic and finding a solution, even when all others fail. Idealism is featured strongly in their outlook on life. They are great at bringing others together to solve a problem, especially if it involves a global issue that affects humanity as a whole. They focus on the positive as much as possible and are known for bringing others together.
NEGATIVE: There is a overly strong desire to be independent. Unfortunately this can lead to problems in relationships; they may even have to lie to make their desire appear to be genuine. There may be dishonest emotional feelings expressed toward others as they try their best to find a mutual ground for a relationship which they long for over all other things. Repressed feelings and emotions centered around anything that is not beautiful, happy or out of the ordinary can also lead them away from their true nature.

Scorpio (October 24th – November 22nd) Planet: Pluto Element: Water Quality: Fixed Gem: Quartz
POSITIVE: They have a very strong sense of pride and determination, this helps them to push through and be successful in almost any situation. Their patience and there ability to persevere in the face of any trouble is incredible: they have the capability to hold out for years and years for a successful resolution to any problem. Their sensitivity to others gives them insights that others will never know. They have an uncanny ability to perceive the motives of other people.
NEGATIVE: Their personal power and egocentricity can take control over their lives causing all kinds of problems. They sometimes try to force themselves, and their decisions on others, and they may have an uncontrolled obsession around sex and power. There is a tendency for them to be possessive at times, and because they are aware of so many things their suspicions may get the best of them too.

Sagittarius (November 23rd – December 21st) Planet: Uranus Element: Fire Quality: Mutable Gem: Amethyst
POSITIVE: They have an undisputable humanitarian care for others and they love to get involved with global issues as much as possible. They are truly concerned about others and they tend to take the time to make it one of their goals. Their confidence and optimism make them likable and powerful people. They have very strong intuitive abilities which sometimes they do not recognize. They have a positive thinking attitude and are always looking to make things better, and they usually do pull it off.
NEGATIVE: There may be a temper to their personality which is explosive. There outspoken nature and desire to find the truth about the meaning of things may make them abrasive to others feelings. They have a hard time being forced into one way of doing things, and any imitations placed on them may result in feelings of being stifled and controlled. They have a definite need for being free in their decisions, and they may come off as self-righteous.

Capricorn (December 22nd – January 20th) Planet: Saturn Element: Earth Quality: Cardinal Gem: Ruby
POSITIVE: They really tend to focus on the being effective at what they do and consequently they take on a lot of responsibility to tasks and getting them done. They have an incredible work ethic that never gives up. Their sense of determination and will to succeed in all matters give them an ability to achieve in almost any situation. They have an amazing ability to control and master anything required of them. They search for and usually find a pragmatic way out of any situation.
NEGATIVE: They may be judgmental of others as they pursue their lofty career goals. They strive to be the best, and when they get there it may not be all that they were looking for, as they may have stepped on others feelings on the way. They may hold back their feelings and not really show who they are, and they may be suspicious and overly-cautious of others. Their desire to succeed may override everything else in their life.

Aquarius (January 21st – February 18th) Planet: Jupiter Element: Air Quality: Fixed Gem: Sapphire
POSITIVE: Very independent and self-sufficient they are excellent at using their own individual identity to further the needs of a group. They are known for their counter-culture spirit and their desire to live outside of the system. Working to help others achieve equality is their main focus in life and they are always working their mind and they may appear aloof, but they’re really just lost in thought. They seek change but only if it will move us all closer to a kinder world.
NEGATIVE: They may be intellectually arrogant and hard come to terms with as their way of thinking is the only way. They are so full of new thoughts that they may be constantly reminding you of some new way of thinking or point of view. They seek to change humanity and the world, but their thinking may be too stubbornly fixed on their way that they can’t see the best solution. They try to show their love for others by offering their own beliefs which may not be best for everyone else.

Pisces (February 19th – March 20th) Planet: Venus Element: Water Quality: Mutable Gem: Aquamarine
POSITIVE: They are the true mystics of the zodiac with a powerful intuitive nature and a genuine love of spiritual things. They are known for being very sensitive to the feelings of others. They seek the ‘out of the ordinary’ things as a way of living their own fantasy. Their minds are creative and eager to explore new possibilities. They seek the unknown and they tend to gravitate toward the arts.
NEGATIVE: They have a tendency to become addicted to people and things in their life that may not be best for them. There is a definite trouble for them in discerning what is best for them, or who may have true intentions in their relationships. It’s possible that they may be taken advantage of and not even know it. They have a tendency to become co-dependent on others and to seek to transcend their reality through the
actions of others.

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